Imaro became a legal confederation all over the world

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In the name of God

Imaro became a legal confederation all over the world

The recognition of the company and the International Organization of Imaro as the legal confederation in the world, which has been unique throughout the history of Iran and the world, congratulations to the noble people of Iran and the world sports community.This world confederation can legally register all sports in the whole world, including record-setting rulings, world-class competitions and subsidiaries, appointment decrees and various sports disciplines, and decrees. The global official is recognized with the seal, signature and logo of Imaro all over the world, for more information and cooperation in all disciplines, you can contact Dr. HamidGholizadeh’s Grand Master directly.
This very big work will be a golden leaf for a great iran full of civilization.

Today, officially from the Iranian Consulate and with the approval of the Judiciary, the official and legal documents of the International Confederation of Imaro in the history of Iran, dear and great thanks to God, have reached us and officially Imaro is 100% legally approved by all countries of the world. Be a happy Iran and Iran And to the Supreme Leader, to the pure blood of the martyrs, to the Iranian sports community in the world, to the right of Imam Zaman,with cooperation and sympathy together, we will carry out the right plans and great goals.
Dedication to The Lord Amir al-Momenin Ali (AS), presented to Imam al-Husayn (a), presented to Yale Karbala Aqam Abolfazl (AS), presented to my mother, Mrs. Fatima Zahra (pbuh) and presented to Imam Al-Mahdi (a)

Grandmaster.Dr. HamidGholizadeh/, whats app-only contact number for domestic and global membership +989212723726


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