IMARO World Confederation Base in the Persian Gulf

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IMARO World Confederation Base in the Persian Gulf

*Arvand Bandar Abbas Club became one of the world record registration bases in the country.*

Based on the common meeting and understanding between Grandmaster Mr. Dr. Hamid Gholizadeh, president of the Conference and The Organization for registration of world records of Imaro and Dr. Faridon Elhami, managing director of Arvand Sport Cultural Club of Bandar Abbas, Arvand Club was appointed. Bandar Abbas is officially located on the list of registration bases of Iran and those who want to register the world and Asian record can register their record by attending arvand club in Bandar Abbas and under the supervision of imaro referees. .

This rare honor can prevent the additional costs of traveling to the center of the country to record the record and create the necessary motivation for young people and adolescents in different sports sectors to prosphobeize their talents.

This understanding was made before the registration of Mr. Arash Ahmadi Teifkani’s record in the 2500-member hall of Arvand Club, which he managed to register the distance of 2160 meters with juggle ball movement backwards and also the first official activity of Arvand Club as the world record registration base.

Public Relations of The Organization for registration of global records of Imaro


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