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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

International Organization and Company of sports records (IMARO)

Members of the Iranian and international sports community are invited

Send us your best photos and videos via WhatsAppTelegram or Instagram.

For those who want to have their photos and details published in Imaro’s first official world record book, they are invited to do so completely free of charge.

Send us the best kind of your own movements in a visual way.

regulation, An application with a fingerprint and a signature that you want to be in this book and introduce yourself.

From all different disciplines and for all record holders in different companies, In various companles, in global organizations, world federations) committees, various associations, the idea is officially invited.

Anyone who has any record in the sports class, or any certificate in a specific system, can send us that record with a request letter along with a photo or video of that record, which will be determined after an expert on their record, can publish in the book.

All those who want their photo to be published in Imaro’s book must wear an Imaro banner and Imaro’s legal and official T-shirt and send us their photo with details to be published In Imaro’s book. Your photos and records will be published 100% for free in the Imaro World Book.

This book is published in three languages: Persian Arabic and English

imaro world organization & company is has been operating in IRAN for more than 6 years.

 this organization is registered in 26 confererations worldwide.

it has representatives in  114 counries.

the purpose of this international organization & company is to develop & finding talents in sports record registering in IRAN & the world.

in IRAN the sports record registering association was formed on behalf of payam-noor university.

around the world leading professors specializing in various field of sports are member of various committees Accordingly, we invite professors, champions & professionals in the various fields of sport(by providing evidence) to join the various committees of the world organization and company.

Founder & President of u Tell: +989212723726

GM.Dr. Hamid Gholizadeh