Mr. Mehrdad Borhani pour

Mehrdad Borhani pour
name:Mr. Mehrdad Borhani pour
age:20 year
weight:74 kg
height:195 cm
record:-Most the Keepie uppie with football size 5 ball is focused (single foot without hitting the ground).

-The fastest time to hit 1000 Keepie uppie with a football ball size 5
Time: 4 minutes, 19 seconds, 37 bps

-Longest Keepie uppie with ball size 5 in one minute

-Record for fastest 400 metres of Keepie uppie soccer with a size 5 ball
Time: 1 minute, 12 seconds, 89 bps

-Fastest 100 meters of Keepie uppie
Soccer Ball Size 5
Time: 15 seconds

-Fastest 200 metres of Keepie uppie with a size 5 ball
Time: 32 seconds and 89 bps

-Longest Distance of Keepie uppie a football size 5 ball in one minute
Distance: 330 meters

-Record for Most Keepie uppie with
Soccer ball size 5, within an hour
Total: 12689 Keepie uppie
record level:-World Record Holder
-Asia Record Holder
from: iran flag
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