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پایگاه کنفدراسیـون جهانی ایمارو در خلیج همیشه فارس
*باشگاه اروند بندرعباس يكي از پايگاه هاي ثبت ركورد جهاني در كشور شد*

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Greetings to friends and members of imaro sports record-setting group
On October 24, 1400, at the Meeting of the Introduction of the World Confederation for the Registration of The World Record of Imaro, members of the Association and the Board of Directors of the Organization and the World Confederation were presented with respect in a decree by the honorable member of the Supreme Council of the Board of Directors and the Supreme Council of the Technical Committee, Amir.Dr.Seyyed.Asghar Azoreh.
The sentences issued are as follows:
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