roozbeh Talebpour
name:Mr.Roozbeh Talebpour
weight:82 kg
height:181 cm
record level:World Record Holder
iran flag

1- Breaking the coconut, egg to hand with hand blade, 2 coconuts with 3 beats in one minute time
2- Breaking the 4 coconut, egg to hand with fist (siken) and in 30 seconds
3- Moving gymnastics (parallel) on 2 iron tubes with eggs in each hand one (Rai Siken) 10 pcs
4- Halving is fruit “quince” with two fingers and hitting the fingertip directly to 5 pcs in a 1 minute
5- Stainless steel tube (1 meter), bending with the inside and outside of the forearm of the hand in one number and within 3 seconds and one blow to the bone
6- Bending the 2-meter steel pipe with the shin in the air and parallel to the ground with 2 strokes and in 5 seconds
7- Gdan’s received blows with knee inside the thigh with 10 and duration of 14 seconds
8- Hitting the watermelon with the fingertips of the right hand and directly 6 pcs in 30 seconds
9- Breaking the board of tamshivar competitions with the tip kick of 3 fingers of the right hand 10 pcs, side by side
10- Taking the blade of the knife and stretching the stretch by the person with a length of 12 meters in 30 seconds

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