Mr.Milad Javanmardi

Milad Javanmardi
Milad Javanmardi
name:Mr.Milad Javanmardi
age:26 year
weight:86 kg
height:179 cm
record:press-up, push up a screwdriver in each hand a total of two screwdrivers that are on a vertical nail 2 pieces, in 24 seconds “Asian Record”

press-up, push up (with one hand) on a nail 8 pieces, in 35 seconds,”International Record”

Planck’s technique, three tires on the back the weight of each tire is 117 kg, which makes a total of 351 kg, Total duration 42 seconds the third tire was added in 32 seconds “International Record”
record level:Holder of 1 Asian Record
Holder of 2 International Records
from:iran flag
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