Mr. Amirhossein Azimi Nezhad

name:Mr. Amirhossein Azimi Nezhad
age:22 year
weight:92 kg
height:185 cm
record:10,000 pcs sit up
record level:-World Record Holder
from: iran flag

Time 48 hours
From the route of the city of Najaf to Karbala, which is 80 km which has 1452 verticals of each 50 meters distance and we are from uncle 1 to 100 perpendicular 12 vertical 1200 moves to 100 from 100 to 1352 perpendicular 12 which is 7512 repetition and from uncle 1352 k was to 1452 single to be 1388 only able to The Fourth Imam’s Mission was to be held in the 1973 to 2009 and 1388 and 12 Numbers 456 and 832 of the Shrine were close to the shrine which was added up in the existing film 10 thousand repetitions during 4 days due to the warm weather and lack of conditions forced to move in the night from 6 sunset to 6 pm for 12 hours continuously and this route has been traveled

And total hours set during 4 days each day 12 hours 48 hours continuous

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