Mr Arshia Hadizadeh

arshia hadi zadeh
name:Mr Arshia Hadizadeh
age:12 year
weight:33 kg
height:132 cm
record:1-As many as 436 speed numbers with futsal ball, in a period of 3 minutes and 30 seconds
2-in speed mode with a futsal ball within 1minute, 180 pcs
record level:2 World Record Holder
from:IRAN iran flag

Special thanks to his distinguished coach , Mr. Sajad Javan, for all his efforts And the honorable referee of this record, Grandmaster Arash Ahmadi Tifakani

تشکر ویژه از استاد ومربی گرانقدرشان جناب آقای استاد سجاد جوان بابت تمام زحمات ایشان و داور محترم این رکورد استاد بزرگ آرش احمدی طیفکانی

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